Dear friends of the blues!

Starting this year, the XO Jam Sessions in Cognac will be an integral part of the festival's official program You can find all the information on the festival website
The jam starts at 15.00 and ends at 17.15, from Friday 5 to Tuesday 8 July 2019 .

The location in Cognac is next to the restaurant "L'Arty Schow", 23 rue du Pont Faumet, close to the covered market. I hope you bring us as many musicians and friends as possible.

Our motto: "We keep the blues alive! "

Thanks to Christian and Giselle

Finally, a very big thank you to Christian and Giselle and all the team of the Café du Canton who from 2000 to 2018 helped us body and soul to make the successful XO Cognac Jam.

You have our eternal gratitude and that of blues friends around the world who have enjoyed your hospitality for all these years.

Good luck!

Rene Walks

René marche
IJe me souviens d’être venu pour la première fois à Cognac en 2000 avec mon orgue Hammond et ma Leslie. A partir de 2001 et au fil des années, je me suis efforcé à obtenir un meilleur podium qui soit aussi couvert, une jam aves des instruments et une sono de qualité ainsi que des musiciens de réserve. Je l’ai baptisée XO JAM SESSION. Je suis très fier et reconnaissant à tous ceux qui y ont contribué. J’espère que nous pouvons continuer à Cognac aussi longtemps que possible afin de tenir le blues vivant!
Henri Van Raemdonck
Newspaper article about the XO Jam Session

X0 Jam Session, the scene of "pilgrims" who worship the blues

The X0 Cognac Blues Jam Session is an institution on the sidelines of the festival carried by enthusiasts

"We're back, like pilgrims! Henri Van Raemdonck recalls the formula, covered in an accent from Antwerp. His religion is the blues. And to say the mass, it carries a Hamond organ of 1963. It sits until Saturday on the aloft of the "XO Cognac Blues Jam Ses-sion", place of the Canton.

The open scene has become an institution on the sidelines of the eighteen-year-old festival that Van Raem-sok has launched. "It was hard at first, but starting in 2006, a core group of faithful was formed. René Van den Hoven is one of them. "Elsewhere, everything is done for money. Here, nobody wins anything! ", Savor the Dutchman, follower of the guitar.

A dedicated website

The "XO jam Session" grows without fading. In recent years, she has a real scene. Fees are shared between the Canton Coffee and the Olympia Crêperie. This year, the team donated t-shirts to its name. There is even an Inter-net site, "It was created free of charge by English people. There is the history of the scene, in English, French and Flemish, "smiles Henri Van Raemdonck.

« Une langue internationale »

Ingénieur son de métier, Bruno Van Reeth a ramené une sono d'excel-lente facture. Une dizaine de musi-ciens se succèdent sur le plateau, à partir de 13 heures « jusqu'à plus soif», depuis hier et jusqu'à samedi. « Cela dépend aussi s'il y a des con-certs à côté qui les intéressent », note Christian Truffi, le patron du café.

Everyone can get started. "Music is an international language. For Europe, this is an example, it shows that we can live together without problems, "laughs René Van den Hoven. "This is a big festival here, the second largest blues in the world after Chicago. But there is also the opportunity to play for people like us. This does not exist elsewhere. When I see musicians, I want to play. Here it is possible. "We pray for an orthodox blues but open to the world.

Philippe Ménard